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The weather in St. Petersburg 2018


This information will be very relevant for the travellers who are planning a summer trip but don’t know when it is better to go to St. Petersburg and what kind of clothes to take with.

There is a promise of warm weather in the summertime with a minimum of precipitation. Especially good weather is expected in June. The thermometer will register up to 23 degrees Celsius, and at the end of the month the air will warm up to 29-30 degrees.

It is an Excellent opportunity for outdoor walks. The end of June is the period of “white nights” , and this is the most romantic time to visit our city.
At the end of June in St. Petersburg you can visit the colourful holiday of graduates which is called “Scarlet Sails”. In 2018, it will be held on June 23. This day you can admire the way the majestic sailboat enters the water area of the Neva, and also you can enjoy numerous fireworks.

July also promises to be warm and will pass almost without rain. The average air temperature will be within 22-24 degrees. Precipitation will be short and will go mainly at night.

August, in return, will bring rains and a cold snap to St. Petersburg, though, only in the second half of the month. Therefore, if you are planning a trip that month, then focus on the first two weeks.
Of course, it’s just a forecast, and only nature can certainly say what will happen this summer. But we are still looking forward to the summer and hope for a good weather, while making sure to take an umbrella from our homes even when it’s  sunny outside, according to the old habit of our city.

So, we can say that the season will be favorable for the rooftop tours. Welcome to St. Petersburg.

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