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White nights in St. Petersburg

There are enough attractions in St. Petersburg to explore them during your whole life. However, millions of tourists come here for quite certain things. Famous «white nights» («belye nochi» in Russian) take a special place in the list of the main features of our city. During this period the natural light remains long enough, so the twilight lasts all the night long.

white nights

Article’s contents:

  • How long do «white nights» continue in St. Petersburg?
  • Festivals of «white nights» in St. Petersburg.
  • What is “Scarlet Sails”?
  • Night life in St. Petersburg
  • Bar-hopping
  • Conclusion

drawbridges in St. Petersburg

The period of white nights lasts from the end of May to the middle of July and is accompanied by a series of festivals – the holiday of the end of the school year “Scarlet Sails” is the brightest of them. There is a traditional show with the participation of the holiday symbol-Swedish brig  «Tre Kronor of Stockholm» (it is also known as the “sailboat of the world”). The main attraction of the festival proudly moves with its red sails along the Neva river, accompanied by fantastic fireworks which becomes more and more amazing every year. The ship goes  majestically and smoothly under the famous drawbridges, raising their vaults especially for this smart brig, symbolizing the hopeful pupils entering adult life.

After this the festival activities continue until dawn, and even more by the end of the season, so the definition «sleepless night» proves itself by 1000%.

Night life in St. Petersburg is bright and dynamic – hundreds of nightclubs are open for everyone to offer them fun and relaxation (and almost whatever they want to get there). The cultural capital of Russia is also known for its bars. About 400 of bars are opened every year, hundreds of others are closed commonly because of the high competition. Moreover, there are some really popular places with a long history and unique atmosphere such as «Gin Tonic Bar», pub «Fiddler’s Green» and jazz-bar «the Hat».

There are entire streets, where all the first floors are occupied exclusively by bars and restaurants. For example Rubinshtein Street which is proclaimed the bar center of St Petersburg. Besides Zhukovsky and Belinsky Streets with their dozens of authentic bars are ready to challenge this title. So, it is not surprising that bar-hopping is widely spread in the city.

Bar-hopping is a special kind of tourism when you try to visit as many bars as possible within one day.

The severe and majestic in the daytime, Saint Petersburg becomes the object for the night researchers after the sunset. The guests of the cities are offered different kinds of night sightseeing bus tours around the city, parties on the boats passing under the drawbridges and excursions on the rooftop. Fascinating “white nights” along with other advantages of the city create the feeling of a real fairy tale and an inevitable miracle.

The architectural masterpieces in daytime illuminated in the twilight give an opportunity to take a fresh look at the city, where the Dreamer from Dostoyevsky’s book “White nights” met his Nastya. And thousands of the same dreamers walk along Nevsky prospect, look at the bridges, make wishes, kiss and fall in love.

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