Off the beaten path tour – hidden gems of St Petersburg

St Petersburg is famous its iconic landmarks like Palace Square, St Isaac’s Cathedral and the Peter and Paul Fortress. Yet there are many St Petersburg hidden gems just waiting to be discovered if you know where to look. We arrange the off the beaten path tour which will show you another side of the city.

What does the tour include

  • Visiting the entrance staircases of former apartment houses
  • The rooftop tour
  • Annekirche – the burnt Lutheran church

During the 6-hour excursion, you’ll see the entrances of revenue houses of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century which became one of the most famous features of St Petersburg. You will learn the history of apartment houses: who built them, and who lived there. Your English-speaking guide will show you the stairs and the main entrances of the old revenue houses, as well as the well-known local courtyards.

The excursion includes St. Petersburg rooftop tour which offers a wonderful view of the famous Heavenly Line of the city. All buildings are on the same level and only beautiful spires and domes of cathedrals break the architectural ensemble of the historical part of St Petersburg.

You’ll also visit Annekirche – Lutheran church which burnt more than 20 years ago. The building was restored just outside. During the excursion, you’ll see the catacombs under the church and take pictures by the burnt wooden staircase and glowing cross

The total price for two people is 9 000 rubles. Each additional person 1 000 rubles.

  • The duration of the tour is 6 hours
  • There are 2-10 people in the group tour
  • In case of need for an individual tour, you should get to know it with booking
  • For the rooftop tour, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes with the non-slip slop. High heels, alcohol and drugs are strongly forbidden